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          I'm David, and yes my wife Margie and I are seniors, however we're not dead yet!  

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If you think you can't earn a nice affiliate income online then you either lack confidence in yourself, don't want to invest your time into it, you've been burned too many times joining every get rich program out there. Or you don't have the basic knowledge you need to become financially successful online.

We can't do anything about the first three things above, but we sure can do something about passing on some helpful affiliate knowledge and this is from a guy and gal that's already made many online mistakes along the way. Through our site you'll learn what has worked for us and maybe even pick up some good pointers on what will work and help you along the way too.

Margie and I started out at a place with free hosting and site building called Bravenet. We're not millionaires but we earn enough from what started out as a hobby to pay our mortgage, car payment and put some into savings each month plus there's a little left over for our constant home remodeling projects.


Learn from us how to earn from free affiliate programs, Google, advertising and more - we've already been there and have earned the affiliate marketers  t-shirt!

"It's not what you say you're going to do in life that matters. It's what you actually do that does"

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  Of everything you might learn here or on other sites, remember that you do not have to spend a bunch of money to make money. Yes, you will have to spend some money along the way but that's just the way it is in business. The key to your long term affiliate financial success with your web site is to spend as little as possible along the way while building your online empire one day at a time. Here's an example of some of our expenses earlier on when we decided to give this online affiliate marketing stuff a shot...    

To earn with affiliate programs you will need a good domain name. Domain name - We decided on Go Daddy, our cost = $14.00 a year (with the privacy option).

As an affiliate marketer you'll also need good hosting for your site. Hosting company - We chose Start Logic, our cost = $5.95 a month, unlimited domains.

Just because you're affiliate marketing online now is no reason to pay for a web template, grab a free website template and save money! Free web templates - DT Templates has a small but free template area, our cost = Free.

You don't have to get a free template, as an experieinced affiliate making money it might be time to upgrade to a paid for site template. Paid for web templates - We prefer Template Zone and Template Monster, high quality!

Affiliate management companies will act as the middleman and "keep everyone honest" see what they can do for YOU to improve your affilliate efforts. Affiliate management companies - we joined many for the variety of ads, our cost = Free.


   No Web Income?

So for an average of $7.12 per month we were in business, and we haven't looked back since. Can YOU afford this per month - yep.

With quality web site content based on a subject you're knowledgeable or passionate about, visitors from your free traffic programs, link trades with other web sites and traffic from the various search engines you're on your way to earning money from your web site or blog just like us.

The Big Picture: Long term you should always look to improve your web site or blog and never stop learning about affiliate programs, affiliate marketing, generating traffic, and search engine optimization (SEO).


Start earning an income from your site or blog through affiliate programs and affiliate companies or affiliate networks. All are free to join so get started today and... nip it in the bud.

You can do the same thing as us. Find that niche area you're passionate about, start slow if you like with a blog, just do it. Later on you can expand and build a content related web site and increase your affiliate income one banner and text link at a time. Learning from us here is step one, YOU joining quality affiliate companies and putting advertiser links on your site or blog is step two - it's up to you now.  Have fun.

    We hope you enjoyed our site and we hope we helped you in some way, even if in a small way.


  David & Margie

  P.S. If you're not adding content, placing affiliate links on your pages, or working to improve your 


  inbound traffic each day, then you should be spending your time scouring the Internet for affiliate
  marketing related information while growing your online affiliate business along the way!
    Where it all started: We happened upon a place called Bravenet, and the door opened.    
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Margie and I live and believe you can only get from life what you believe YOU deserve and that which you focus on which is the positives in life - the law of attraction. If you dwell on what you do not have, you will always not have it, however... if you believe that it (whatever it is) should be yours then life will take you in that direction. We hope the video below inspires you as it has us so that one day you become a great online affiliate marketer:

We believe in "The Secret" and that everything is possible and nothing is impossible. The above is not an ad or a sell, it's what has brought us to where we are today and what will get us easily through tomorrow. You must believe in yourself if you're going to be an affiliate marketer. Now is the time to take the affiliate information we provide and move yourself to next level which is "action". Don't just read about it... get out there and do it!  David & Margie