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Affiliate Agreements and Applications

An affiliate company agreement or affiliate program agreement is a legal agreement between you and an affiliate company or between you and the web site of the affiliate program. For the purpose of this article I'll just refer to them as an "affiliate company agreement". Basically you agree to send traffic to the advertisers web site, the advertiser agrees to pay you a set amount based on the individual offer, and the affiliate company agrees to provide you with an interface (back office) so you can check your statistics and commissions. When you decide to join any affiliate program, you are always required to accept an "Affiliate Agreement". The affiliate agreement makes it clear what all parties are responsible for and it protects you, the advertiser and the affiliate company.

Before applying for and entering into any affiliate company agreement you want to ensure:

Your web site is 100% completed and not "under construction", that it's not porn related (unless you are applying to a porn affiliate), is not warez, racial or illegal. If any of these apply to you then your application will not be approved. It's preferable that you have your own domain name "" and not "", that's not to say you shouldn't host your site at a free hosting company, just that your domain name should be your own. This might not matter to you but it'll matter to the affiliate company since your own domain name will give the affiliate company confidence that you are in it for the long term and not a fly-by-night operation that could be gone tomorrow.

On your affiliate application you'll need to provide your real name, phone number and preferably a email address. Margie and I learned early on that you can save yourself much grief if you use your domain name email address since most all affiliate companies want some sort of confirmation that the site you're submitting as your main web site is in fact yours. Using your domain name email address makes it easier for them to confirm this. Even though you use your domain name email address some affiliate companies might still want to call and talk with you. As mentioned on the affiliate company listings page I mentioned that this is a low stress conversation where they'll likely ask you how you market your web site (search engine, link trades, advertising), whether you have incentive related traffic (people that get paid to click on your links) and whether you have a newsletter.

Once your site is up and operational and you've talked with an affiliate company manager, you can be fairly certain that you're approved and in most all cases they'll let you know this on the phone. If an affiliate company does not call you then you'll likely receive an email of your approval. In rare cases you'll be disapproved (we have and it's OK, it's just part of the business), and in these cases the affiliate companies are not always clear why you were disapproved. It could be the content on your site, the theme of your site, you didn't answer an email they sent you (spam box), or for any number of reasons. Sometimes it'll be a very generic form mail that says "your application was disapproved for one or more of the following possible reasons".

If your affiliate application is disapproved you can email the affiliate company and ask for specifics about why you were disapproved, however in most cases you'll be ignored, it's sad but true. They decided to disapprove you for their reason(s) and they don't have the time or want to make the time to discuss each disapproval with the hundreds of applications they receive throughout the month. If by chance you application is never approved (you don't receive a call or an approval email) you can call or email them if you like or you can just move on to the next affiliate company.

Our position on this has always been very firm... we can send any affiliate company advertiser quality traffic and buying customers, we've proven ourselves over the years as reliable and productive so... if an affiliate company never responds to our application (ignored, not even a disapproval email) it doesn't matter to us since it tells us they're not customer focused, not managing their business, or they're just too small (one man show) and are available only part time anyway. That last sentence might have sounded like it had a touch of attitude, however there isn't any and it really comes down to their loss and not yours. Affiliate companies cannot make money without the affiliates (Publishers - you) so they are ensuring their own demise when they ignore you. Don't let it bother you as there are far too many other affiliate companies available out there to you so there's no reason to worry about the ones that do not respond to your application. In these cases we recommend you simply move on and apply at your other chosen affiliate companies then focus on working with those affiliate companies that DO approve you as an affiliate.

Once you're approved as an affiliate either by phone or likely by mail it's just a matter of logging into your affiliate account, filling out any remaining personal information, and then out the available advertiser campaigns to determine which ones work the best with your content and visitor base and which affiliate offers you want to use on your web site

Credit: This article written by Whitney Jacqueline, V.P. of Jasco Network. For questions please contact her at: Whitney Jaqueline, main team core website: Lotto Magic Network

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