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As an affiliate marketer it's important to understand how article marketing can help your affiliate business.

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Making Money with Articles and Article Directories

Writing articles and then posting them to article sites is one of the many components of your affiliate marketing success plan that will increase your web site traffic, increase your search engine rankings and over time it'll also increase your reputation and your following. Attracting highly targeted web traffic to your site can never be overemphasized in the affiliate marketing business. Although Margie and I believe in and write articles on many different subjects, article writing is only one of many important methods you should use to increase your site traffic for you betcha... free.

The basic stuff: Article sites and article directories are web sites that allow people to post their articles, most all are free services, in other words you don't pay a fee to post or to be a member. For the most part these articles are posted by the owner or copyright holder, in other cases they're articles that have simply been rewritten and then posted. Plagiarism? Yep, it's inevitable especially since there's only so many ways you can the same thing out there on the Internet.

Before we get into general affiliate article marketing, these are the six main ways that article writing and article marketing can help you...

1. You'll reach more people

After writing a great article, it's to your direct benefit to share them with other people either directly through your web site or through the many article sites out there. When you submit your articles to these sites you get free exposure and free traffic at the same time.

2. You'll receive free advertising

Submitting your articles to article submission sites allows you to advertise your affiliate web site for free. How’s this? Because at the end of each article you can place what’s called a "byline" which is your name and more importantly a link back to your web site (more about this below).

3. You'll gain higher search engine rankings

Optimizing your article for keywords and groups of keywords will help you in achieving higher search engine rankings; just remember not to "stuff" it so full of keywords that it's obvious or an irritation to your readers. This particular article's main keyword term is "article" and the secondary word Margie and I chose was the term "affiliate" however this article isn't so loaded that you'll likely notice it unless you focus on those two words while reading.

4. You'll increase your link popularity

Along with coordinating link trades with other sites, you can increase your affiliate and web site link popularity just by writing articles. This happens because of your byline and also because of those people that place your article on their web site as long as your site link remains with your article of course. Link popularity is one of the many factors used by search engines to determine your overall search ranking, so the more inbound links you have to your site, the better off you are.

5. You'll optimize your overall affiliate site for increased search listings

You can greatly improve your search engine rank by focusing on your keyword density. However as mentioned above you want to use your keywords carefully within your article so that it's not "over done". You want to avoid the temptation of overusing your keywords and instead ensure your article content is something that YOU would enjoy reading.

6. You'll establish yourself as trustworthy and you'll enhance your credibility

By writing original, relevant and interesting content for your readers you automatically establish yourself as someone to trust and someone that's credible. Excellent, original and relevant articles not only give your site good exposure, at the same time you are also creating an online reputation since people (your readers) are more likely to want to read more of your articles, will return to your site more often, and it also puts you in the position where you'll ultimately make more affiliate sales.

Back to general affiliate article marketing information...

The best part about posting articles to article sites is that you can place a byline under your article. Your article byline contains information such as your name as the writer and a link to a page on your web site with additional details and information. So, let's say you write an article about free traffic methods, at the bottom of the article you list your name and then a link to the page on your web site where you can expand on how to generate free web traffic. The readers of your article who want more information can click on your site and visit your site.

If you cannot write (or, ok I'll say it... rewrite an article), or if you need an article on a subject you might not be very familiar with you can always hire a writer to write your articles for you. Remember they do this for a living and know how to complete all the required research, format the article for the correct syntax, and will make it interesting. Sometimes these articles can be expensive ($80 to $300) depending on the word count however in the end YOU will own the copyright and will be able to post it freely at any of the article sites out there. In the long run you'll eventually make your money back from the additional traffic from the article sites and from the search engines that might have picked up your article as some great original content.

Another advantage to affiliate article writing beside your byline direct traffic and search engine traffic is the traffic generated by others using your article on their site. Since you hold the copyright they are not supposed to simply grab your article, cut out your byline, and then post it to their web site. While your direct link might not remain, generally the right thing to do is to as a minimum is to include your name as the original writer and sometimes webmasters will include the link to your web site or web page too. Many article sites make it clear that if a webmaster wants to use an article to complement their current web site content, then these webmaster are required to include your name and a link. Does it always happen and is it enforced if this does not take place... rarely if ever so keep this in mind.

Here's a real life example of how your article (or an article you had written for you) can help you. Let's say you wrote an article about your personal experiences with affiliate companies, how they've helped you earn an extra income online and which ones were the most professional and which have earned you the most money. You post your article diligently on 52 article sites over the period of a year, pretty low stress at one article site posting per week.

If each of your articles generated only five (5) visitors per day (a low estimate) from direct clicks from your article bylines and from the search engines then you'd have generated a minimum of 260 visitors a day. This isn't bad considering you've just generated a monthly "targeted" visitor count of 7800, nice. So on your "affiliate company" web page you have a few affiliate links (advertiser offers), affiliate banners (OK, more advertiser offers) and a sign-up form for your monthly affiliate newsletter. If only 1% of your visitors (that's a mere 78) respond to an advertiser offer on your web page for a free home business book for instance and you earn a $5 commission per free book request, then for the month you could potentially earn $390, so what exactly could that be to you... your car payment, your cable bill, and your electricity bill?

That's not bad by any means; however it did take work on your part which of course was those 52 articles you wrote at one article per week over the last year. Yep, it was work for you and now you earn some really great affiliate commissions from it each and every month. If you feel $390 a month in virtually free money is too optimistic for you then what if your monthly affiliate earnings were only 1/2 of $390 per month at $195... Would that amount rolling into your affiliate account still be worth it to you for writing those 52 articles?

My mini-rant... Many people that want to make money online opt for the fast cash, easy money, overnight millions type of programs for one reason... yep, they're lazy. Because of this they get exactly what they deserve, nothing. Many people spend hundreds to advertise their "hot income program" only to end up in the red, why? Because they're in competition with the thousands of other people pushing the same fast cash program or they're in competition with the tens of thousands of fast cash programs already saturating the market. Maybe a few weeks later they'll convince themselves that that last fast cash program loss was just a fluke and they'll jump into the next fast cash scam, you know (sure, I'll say it again) because they're lazy and have been promised that they do not have to do any real work, just join, send someone their money and then sit back and cash those free commission checks! The biggest problem with these programs is that after the market is saturated and sales slow down, then the originator of that "fast cash extravaganza" will repackage it, rename it, and then resell it to the same group of people that didn't make much money (if any) the first time around. If by chance this was you, don't feel bad about it, just forget your losses and know that YOU are now going to do some real work through affiliate marketing and article writing and for that you'll earn a real and consistent monthly income. Whew!

OK... When it comes to affiliate article writing there are certain things you want to make sure you do while writing your article to increase your response rate (direct clicks through your byline) and also your article search engine rankings. Here are our four tips that will assist you in making sure your articles rank well in the search engines, keep your readers interested and keep them coming back for more. Ensuring you follow these four article writing tips will lock you into free and consistently targeted traffic to your web site.

1. Keywords and Keyword Phrases - An article should always focus on including your keywords and keyword phrases. You want to turn up on the highest possible position on a search engine page when someone is searching for something specific. So you have an affiliate web site and you'd like more traffic to a page about free traffic programs, well, write an article about how to generate free traffic and ensure you include the keywords "free traffic", "free traffic generation" and possibly "free traffic methods".

2. Keyword density - this is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used within your article. The actual "density score" varies based on the number of words used in an article compared to the number of times the keyword appears. To have an effective article that benefits your affiliate marketing means that your keyword density cannot be too low or too high. Avoid "keyword stuffing" which is where your article repeats keywords over and over making for an excessively high keyword density rating. A good rule of thumb for your article is a 12% to 15% or so keyword density.

3. Content - Like what was stated above, you cannot just slam your article full of keywords. They must "flow" smoothly within your article and make sense in their placement. Most importantly you want to provide your readers with something they need, can use and that they find interesting enough to keep on reading. The problem with many articles these days is they say "stuff" but rarely is it anything unique, in fact you might feel that way about this article, but we hope not.

4. Linking Articles - By submitting your articles to article submission web sites or to e-zines as free content for their subscribers you automatically increase your traffic, link popularity and your search engine rankings but only if your byline includes a link back to your site or better yet to a specific page within your site.

Always remember while writing that an added bonus for your readers is when you include information not usually found in a plain vanilla article. Your readers will always respond well to interesting facts, figures and valid statistics. Try to include this type of information in your articles so that your article is original and not just the same recycled online information they might have already read in one form or another. Do your research and give your article reader something to think about, something new for them to learn or something that makes them say "ah-ha, I didn't know that". Do this and your articles will be popular, will be read by thousands of people and in the long run your articles will reward you with many targeted visitors and of course many affiliate sales along the way too.

For more information on generating free traffic to your web site, especially if you arrived on this page directly from an article site or search engine, Margie and I recommend you read up on all the other methods of generating free traffic
  (this is page 2 about generating free traffic) for your web site, plus there's some additional information there about writing articles to increase your site or blog traffic.

Remember, with every article you write you're allowed to include a "bio" or "credit" at the bottom of the article where you include your website or blog address and 1 to 2 additional links - your big bonus.


Update 2016: The above article was written in 2013 when article directories were at the top of the back link generation game. Since then they have become less popular as social media has taken over the Internet and Google has looked more to them as a source of content and back links.

Credit: This article written by Whitney Jacqueline, V.P. of Jasco Network. For questions please contact her at: Whitney Jaqueline, main team core website: Lotto Magic Network

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