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Affiliate Marketing and Advertising

Like Margie and I had mentioned in our free traffic section of this web site... Traffic is King!

Without it you might as well just go ahead and work some more overtime, buy another lottery ticket or hope you're in your rich uncles will.

We covered many of the free traffic generation methods in our free traffic section so I won't discuss the same information here. Instead I'll discuss online advertising in general and in this case it's no the free stuff, it's the advertising you'll pay for. We'll mainly talk about pay per click though the two biggies online Google and Bing, a little about classified advertising and we'll touch on banner advertising.

So... if you want traffic and want it now... you can generate immediate, massive, and targeted traffic and visitors in virtually any amount imaginable, however for this type of "power traffic" you're going to have to open up your wallet. My recommendation is to advertise through search engines. I'm not talking about paid search listings where you pay or bid to receive a higher position in the search engine results, or where you pay per click at a paid for search engine.

  I'm talking about the type of advertising where you pay to have your ad placed within the content area of another web site or you pay per click based on specific search engine search terms. Of the two biggie search engines, the one with the least restrictions is Bing but there's also Google. If you're familiar with Google Adsense then you already know what I'm talking about and can see what your ad could like there to the left!

You can sign up for a free account at either company, create keyword targeted text or banner ads and then have them appear immediately on the pages of other web sites based on the keywords you're targeting. In other words let's say you have a web site that gives away free t-shirts for example. You can write your ad about your cool t-shirt site and then have it appear on other free t-shirt sites, general t-shirt sites, or even on generic clothes sales related sites if you choose... you decide where.

The reason for the huge success of this type of advertising is that your ad is very closely matched to the content of the site it's showing at so the visitors are already interested in the particular website subject so them clicking on your ad is very possible. The other advantage is the location on the actual page where they're showing since a webmaster is not restricted to just placing Google ads in the left or right columns or just at the top or bottom of the page. Your ad could be "right in the middle" of a webmasters page content and in the visitors face. So if you wanted to get the word out about your free affiliate marketers e-book (sorry, couldn't help ourselves there) you'd sign up for a free Google Adsense account, set up your ads to target free e-book sites or affiliate sites like this one, decide what your budget is going to be per day (and per click) and you're all set. After that it's important to track your campaign to see if it's getting the results you want at the price you're willing to pay. While there you can also add or delete targeted key words, maybe try their banner ads section, or start a new campaign.

We've had good advertising results from these companies:
1. Bing Advertising - Pay per click (PPC) paid advertising only.
2. Google AdWords - Pay per click (PPC) paid advertising only.
3. Adland Pro PPC, text ads and banner ads (paid & free advertising)
4. AdVerts text ads only (paid & free advertising)

Other types of paid advertising include classified, text, or banner advertising where you can either use their generic ads, or create your own customized text or banner ads. Our all time favorite free classified advertising site is called Adland Pro (above) because of the extensiveness of their entire advertising platform. You can do classified advertising, text ads or banner ads there plus they have a marketers forum and way too much to list here. We've been with Adland Pro for many years now and are very happy with them. Our second choice would be US Free Ads which is a much smaller site but they also only focus on pure "classified" type of advertising. The good part about US Ads is since they only focus on classified ads it's simpler and easier to use. Basically you join free and then post your ads.

I don't talk too much about banner advertising in our free traffic area and I won't talk too much about it here either. I have nothing against banner advertising, I just haven't received very good results from them in the past. Even a generic text link for me has always out performed banner advertising. That's not to say I won't use banners here at the Affiliate Company list site, I'm just saying that for the most part I will not pay for banner advertising through advertising companies. If you happen upon a free banner exchange that does not take too much of your time to set-up, or a super-duper discounted banner advertising rate then you can generate traffic to your site with them.

What we learned about banner advertising...

It's not very effective as a stand alone advertising method, but is good for getting your name out there (branding) and getting your name associated with your product or service. I've also found that running a smallish (125x125 to 300x300) banner next to relevant text combined with a text link to the same site has increased clicks through on my text link. This by no means is scientific and it has to do with a page I uploaded before I added the banner near the text link. The traffic stats were OK but then increased once I uploaded the new page with included a small 125x125 banner next to the related text. Possibly pure luck, maybe something very important however at this point it's a theory I have to test more. If you do this test and it increases your traffic please drop me an email with your two page versions and stats for the two versions and I will post a link to them right here so others can see your test results - thanks!

Some great advertising references from our favorite reference site: Online advertising in general, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Online classified advertising and Banner advertising.

  OK, now go join a few quality online advertising companies, get out your wallet and get yourself some targeted site traffic!

Credit: This article written by Whitney Jacqueline, V.P. of Jasco Network. For questions please contact her at: Whitney Jaqueline, main team core website: Lotto Magic Network

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