an average affiliate marketers day, follow me through my affiliate related chores and jobs to see what I do almost daily in my home business.


The daily drudgery of an average affilliate marketers day. From checking email to checking links, it's a never ending battle - but it is profitable.

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A Day in the Life of an Affiliate Marketer

On our about page I talked a little about how Margie and I got started with affiliate programs and affiliate companies, and then on our show me the money page I showed you some of our individual affiliate income successes. So what about all that affiliate marketing stuff in between? Well, here I'll cover the affiliate "leg work" and the effort you too will need to make in order to truly be successful with affiliate marketing through affiliate programs and affiliate companies.

I mentioned earlier that we are part time affiliate marketers, and it's what we choose to do. I generally have my hands full in my regular day job and Margie has her hands full during the day with the house. If we wanted to go full time we could however there's more to life then money, especially in our case where we have grandbabies and other things we want to spend our time on. Besides... we've built up our monthly affiliate income to a point now where it doesn't require any type of full time effort. Maybe a cliché, but we're in a position now where we earn a full time affiliate income while working part time and you can do the same but it takes a commitment on your part.

My affiliate marketers day...

I generally devote a couple ours to our business every other night or so, remember this is part time for us so every single night glued to the computer isn't required once you have your free web site, you've  lined up your free to join affiliate companies and you have your free web site traffic rolling. There will always be some of that affiliate marketing "grunt work" that all affiliate marketers to include yourself must do to be a success. Yep, it's not exciting work but it sure is a bunch more profitable then spending 2 hours face booking or twittering!

The first thing I do after the computer is on is open up my preferred email program MS Outlook so it can start downloading email right away from our various servers. Even with our spam filters on at the server level we still receive our share of Viagra, porn and spoof emails, these are highlighted and then deleted. If there are a bunch of emails not being caught by the spam filters for some reason I'll add the spam email information (subject and content) into outlook so these goobers only get one shot at us and that's about it as far as future spam emails.

I then sort all the emails alphabetically to screen and locate all affiliate company related emails. Remember that the affiliate companies are responsible for most of the communication between advertisers and publishers, they'll update you on which advertiser offers are new, expiring, increasing in commission or which advertisers are offering special incentives... you know, get 25 sign-ups this month for a particular offer and receive a bonus of $2.25 per lead etc. So you want to keep your eyes open for these affiliate manager type of emails, read them and then act on them if you need to.

All of the emails from the affiliate companies are important, especially if an advertiser offer is expiring in a few days as you certainly don't want any of your site visitors to click on a link only to arrive at a page that doesn't match what the link or banner says or worse yet arriving at an advertisers page that says "sorry, this offer has expired". When I receive an email that says an offer that we have on our site is expiring I pull up our web builder software (MS Expression Web) and open the page that has the expiring link.

I then go to the various affiliate companies web sites, log in and try and locate a similar offer or locate a different offer to replace the one that's expiring. Here's what determines whether or not I replace the expiring affiliate offer with a similar on or replace it with a different one... statistics. Yep, if the expiring offer has been doing well I'll look for a similar offer. If however it hasn't done very well, I'll simply move on to something fresh and new and find a brand new affiliate offer.

Important: Here's one reason why you want to be associated with more then one affiliate company... imagine if the offer that's about to expire is pulling really (really) well for you and is earning you a great profit everyday and has for a few months now. If you were only with one affiliate company your have few options except to find a new or similar offer from that affiliate company, however if you we with other affiliate companies you simply do what I do which is log into the other affiliate company web sites and see if they have the offer that's expiring on the other affiliate company's site. Many times they do so it's just a matter of grabbing the html link code from this affiliate company, place it on your page and upload you page to the server - done, you can continue to earn from this already proven advertiser offer.

Many times the actual advertisers will sign up with more then one affiliate company for the variety of Publishers (you) that are available to them and this is no different then you signing up with many affiliate companies for the same reason... diversity of offers and the diversity of to you too.

OK, so all the affiliate company emails are scanned, a decision made on whether a new offer is to be added to a page, an offer updated, or an offer is removed from a page. After that the email is simply deleted. Some of the other emails of interest are the ones where the subject reads something similar to "you just earned a commission" or "you just made a sale". These emails are from individual web site affiliate programs and not from the affiliate companies since your affiliate company sales can be easily viewed from your affiliate back office. These individual affiliate program emails I'll save in an outlook folder called "sales" unless it's a big one, unusual one, or a new sale from a new web site in which case I'll forward it to Margie so she knows about it too.

Some of the other affiliate related emails revolve around link trades. Sometimes these emails are from an individual webmaster, a link building company initiating a trade for one of their clients, or it's from a link trade scammer. For the first two types of link trade requests I'll visit the web site to make sure it's not porn, not under construction or basically that it's a site that we want to trade links with. Although I'd like to write everyone that wants to trade links and tell them "no thank you", there's just not enough time in the day for that so if I don't want to link trade I'll delete their email, and if I agree to a link trade I'll place their link on our site and then send them a short email to let them know I placed their link and include a link in my email to the page that their link is located.

Briefly let’s talk about the link trade scammers out there since you will no doubt be approached sooner or later, it appears to be a two way link trade, but is actually a two way link trade for you and a one way link trade for them. Sometimes you'll receive a sincere sounding link trade request from someone where they tell you that they've already linked to your web site from their web site that we'll call site "A", yet they want YOU to actually link to their web site "B". Don't do it as the link trade is not about trading traffic, it's only about them wanting to increase their traffic and Page Rank while leaving you hanging with nothing but a link from their "junk" site (site A). Remember site "A" where your web site link has already been placed? Yea it's just their junk site, a domain name with a link page, likely little to no traffic and no Page Rank and they could really care less about site "A" since it's only about them putting your link on it so you feel obligated to complete the link trade with them. Yep, their site "B" is their main site, the one they care about, the one where they want the traffic and Page Rank increase and the one they want you to link to, however they will NOT have a link there to your site, and for them this means a one way link from your site to their site "B", good for them, bad for you. So if they are not emailing you to trade links between their site and your site (your link is on the site that they want to trade links with) then avoid them like the plague!

That's about it as far as email... read affiliate company emails, read the affiliate program emails and make decisions about any link trade emails.

I'll then log into all of the affiliate companies. It's a chance to see how much income has been earned from each of the individual affiliate company for the previous day. I'll then go into each affiliate company back office one by one and check to see that the links that are working well are still producing and check any of the newest placed advertiser offer links to see how many clicks are taking place and how many sales are taking place too. As mentioned earlier here at Affiliate Company List if an affiliate link is doing well I might bump it higher on a page or move to a higher traffic page and if a link is not doing very well (generally I give them a minimum of a week) then I'll remove it or replace it with a different link. While logged into the affiliate company's back offices I'll scan for new offers or for anything else of interest such as news, upgrades and anything else. Once complete at all the affiliate companies I’m finished so I'll log out.

Something I like to do but not necessarily every night but more like every other night is to check traffic to see how much is coming in, from where (search engines, links, and virally). You want to know which of your keywords are bringing in visitors, which link trades are generating you traffic and what viral methods are working the best for you.

Traffic management - I'm sure you remember the free traffic section of this site (don't forget that there's actually a free traffic section # 2 also). Well, it's not just about joining them, placing links to them and then forgetting about them. When there's time I'll log into some of my favorite free traffic programs and add new banners, update a web site URL, check the referral down line, possibly poke around and see what's new. Most days I don't have time to do this, so this is more like once a week or more for me.

And that's about it for my 2 hours each night: Checking email, checking affiliate company statistics, and checking traffic statistics - it's not so tough.

Sometimes during the weekends or if I have a day off I'll work on general webmaster duties such as adding additional content, initiating my own link trades, placing site links in directories, checking site links or writing new articles such as this one.

Credit: This article written by Whitney Jacqueline, V.P. of Jasco Network. For questions please contact her at: Whitney Jaqueline, main team core website: Lotto Magic Network

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