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Private Label Rights (PLR) Programs

Private label rights (PLR), what are they and how can you make money from them.

Private label rights is when you acquire the resell rights to private label products. These PLR products are commonly e-books, articles or software. The PLR process normally begins with a professional writer or software developer that creates an e-book of software package that they want to sell. As writers or developers they're not in the business of advertising and selling as much as creating - so they turn to others to do the selling for them. Those that do the selling then are considered to "have private label rights" and are authorized to sell the product for the writer and make a profit for themselves with each and every sale. After obtaining the resell rights which will set you back from $80 to $500 dollars or more, the next step is to sell them so you make your profit from each sale. If you make enough sales, you can easily replace what you originally paid for the resell rights and anything after that, OK I'll say it... is pure gravy. :-)

Buying the resell rights to private label products can be a profitable money making business opportunity for you, However, like all other business opportunities there are some things that you need to be aware of. Before acquiring the right to resell private label products you should know that there are a large number of people out there that can quickly write an e-book with information from some other e-book or source and call it at PLR product and then sell it to others so they can then sell it. Not all PLR's are of high quality so it's in your best interests (and your future profits) to ask for a sample of the PLR item you are considering. Just because a person can write an e-book does not mean they are a true writer that can put a quality product... it just means they know how to use a computer keyboard so be sure to request and review samples of the actual work before you send them any money.

Sometimes you'll be required to sign a terms contract, just be sure to read it carefully taking special note of any restrictions placed on your advertising, marketing or pricing. These stipulations could determine if you want to get involved since if it restricts you from email marketing and you have a huge list of subscribers you wanted to email to then that could be a problem. If there's a price restriction but you want to sell it for more or less then again you may or may not want to get involved. You are receiving the resale rights, however the bottom line is you do not own the product itself so you must abide by the contractual requirements. If there are too many restrictions and the PLR is too tightly controlled so you have little to no flexibility in how you want to market at the price you want to sell it for... walk away, it's no the only PLR product out there. They truly are a dime a dozen, so don't get into something you cannot sell!

By keeping the above information in mind you'll keep yourself out of trouble, it'll save you time and money and in the long run you'll be able to make a profit from your involvement in PLR's.

After you've decided on a PLR product, reviewed a sample of the actual work and have purchased it, the next step is to get the word out about it and make sales. If you have a mailing list of subscribers, of course you'll want to mention it to them. If you have a website or blog you can build a page to mention your PLR program and its benefits then link to it from your home page, internal pages and from other websites too.

If you need a free website or blog be sure to check out the large list of free web and hosting providers Margie and I collected for you. OK, our mini commercial is over, I'm back at it...

When it comes to selling your private label rights program you can use other effective advertising and marketing methods to get your PLR more visibility and sales. These include the online classified ads, online auction websites, or you can development of your own product website. I do recommend you examine the advantages and disadvantages of each since the selling methods may work better with certain PLR products.

classified ads, your best bet is to use online advertisements, that's probably obvious since you have an "electronic" product in the form of an e-book for sale. Most private label products are designed with internet users in mind so it makes sense that you should target those potential buyers using the Internet. You'll find out that most online classified ad sites are free to post at, however you will run into some of them that want you to pay for it. Unless it's a high traffic site like Craig's List or something similar I've always been perfectly fine with the free classified site, a few of our favorite free advertising sites are: Adland, US Free Ads and Adverts. If we had to choose one it would be Adland since they have other nice advertising options like text and banner advertising.

Another popular PLR selling method is to create a "sales" page about your product. By sales I don't mean flashing banners, buy now calls to action, or any high pressure sales tactics. I'm talking a page (or site) dedicated to your product where people can come, see if your PLR item will help them solve their problem and get their questions answered, things like that.

You want to outline the benefits of your product (how will it change their lives), what exactly it is that their getting and how much will it cost them. First impressions are important and although you can go when any of the free website templates available out there, if you want to make a great first impression I recommend you check out what Template Monster has available to you. When you get there use the advance search features at the top of the page to locate those template themes that match your PLR subject. While there be sure to look at their "osCommerce" templates as these incorporate a shopping cart so you can make it easier for your visitor to purchase. Template monster also has some free templates and for these click on the "Free Web Templates" text link in the upper left side of their site. If you can't design your site, no biggie. There are people and companies online that will create a professional website for you at low cost.

If you're familiar with online auction, you can use an online auction site to sell your PLR product. An online auction website gets your product viewed by literally millions of consumers however remember that your product is not the first of its kind plus there are others selling the same product so the competition to make a sale is high. The way to lessen your competition is to lower the price, however it can so low (they go low too) that you barely scrape a meager profit out of your venture. So, you can sell through online auctions, however you might not have a very high profit margin so keep this in mind.

And now David's "downside" reality discussion...

I can write about PLR because I've read about them, I understand them and I was involved in many of them over the years. But that doesn't mean I have to like them or that I recommend and market PLR's and the reason is simple. As a "little guy" at the bottom of the totem pole, by the time you get involved with a new PLR product, you can be guaranteed that the guy that wrote it has already had it on the street for a while already. Normally what happens is what's called a "joint venture". This is where the guy that produced the PLR has joined marketing forces with many other "biggie" marketers that have huge email lists, massive traffic and generally a loyal following of previous customers and/or subscribers. These people that are given the "inside scoop" before a PLR is made available to the general public many times they will even give "testimonials" about the product, which I always found unusual since they are giving testimonials about something that just came up for sale.

Back on track, so those in the joint venture do mass mailings to their list, who then email their list, and on down the line. Many sales are made and somewhere along the way one of them might have been you. Now I'm not saying you cannot or will not make money with private label rights products, I am however saying you will never make as much as the guy that wrote it, or his joint venture buddies that launched it first. The bad thing I see about private label rights products "for the little guy" is that over time the PLR you're selling becomes less and less valuable as more people buy it from others, more try to sell it and the market begins to saturate. Ever wonder how you could get the "Hot PLR pack of 20 proven PLR's for $4.95" at an auction? Because they've had their run, the profit party is over and there are new ones (being written as I type) to replace them.

Don't give up though - you CAN make money with PLR's just realize you'll make more money earlier on and it's not going to be a cake walk regardless of when you happen to get in.

Credit: This article written by Whitney Jacqueline, V.P. of Jasco Network. For questions please contact her at: Whitney Jaqueline, main team core website: Lotto Magic Network

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