Without site visitor your affiliate business dies. Prevent that from happening by reviewing our free traffic recommendations, then give them a shot and bump your traffic up a notch or two.


Increase your visitors through free traffic programs and innovative or already proven traffic increasing methods - all are free and have worked well for us over the years.

    There's are many great ways to generate free web site and blog traffic.


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Traffic is King! That's what Margie and I learned very early on, without it you might as well be the owner a brick and mortar 7-11 convenience store out in the middle of the desert without a road in site. No visitors (customers) to your site or blog means no business in which case your web site is really just a big pretty business card for you to be proud of and for your friends and your family to gawk at.... it's that simple, no traffic, no business, no money. Uhhhh, you might as well go send a tweet that you're broke again, go update your face book page, and then go watch TV. Wait, don't do it... There is a solution to changing your no traffic piece of web site art into a traffic rich web site business that's earning you money day in and day out - you just need to know what we did, what works and how you can do it too.

There are many ways to generate free traffic and visitors to your web site or blog. Some of the methods we're going to tell you creates "highly targeted" visitors (i.e. you sell affiliate books and they are people looking for affiliate information), some are "general traffic" methods which means they weren't initially looking for your information but not that they're at your site they're interested enough to poke around to see what you have.

And then there's what I call junk traffic, this traffic just happened upon your site while they were doing something else such as searching for information, or reading information somewhere else and clicked out of curiosity. These visitors will most likely pop in then pop out although they might "save" your site to their desktop or their favorites folder and maybe come back on another day.

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free


There's is no magic button and you won't be able to click your heels three times and see the traffic magically appear. The reality is that in order to get free traffic you'll at least need to give up a little bit of your time in order to get it. The good part is at least you won't be paying for it (with money) so that's a big plus.

If you already have a site or blog and you know you're not getting the traffic that you should then its time to get busy. In these very competitive times you need to be a step ahead of your competition, yep, increasing your traffic flow should have been done starting yesterday. Never think of today and tomorrow as a starting point for making your site traffic laden, it should always have been yesterday.

To assist you out in generating free visitors to your site, here are our recommendations:

1. Invest in good content within your site or blog which will then (with some tweaking on your part) bring in free "targeted" traffic from the search engines

Many of the search engines to include the biggie Google will scour your pages (generally called crawling or spidering via a "robot") to see what content you have so that when a person does a search... if what you have matches what they're looking for then your listing will be available on the search results page for them to click on and visit your site. Yep, this sounds simple enough however it's much more complicated then that and it's not quite that easy. The page that you're listed on within the search results makes the biggest difference in the overall amount of free traffic you'll receive. Getting listed on the first page of Google and you're assured a consistent stream of free traffic, listed on the 437th page and you are not assured of anything. So how do you get on the first page or as a minimum on one of the first three pages, it takes time and effort however it'll be well worth it when you do.

If you want the "full meal deal" on how Google can directly help you as a webmaster we highly recommend you visit their Webmaster Central section where you can learn more in one hour then you ever thought possible. We recommend you actually spend many hours there whenever possible, remember it's the knowledge and education you gain today that will ensure you have enough free traffic inbound to your site that your affiliate marketing efforts will be very well rewarded.

Hey, but don't forget to come back here, we have much more to cover!


If you don't have time to check out the Google webmaster area above (it is huge with informationGoogle provides a huge selection of webmaster tools to help you become a better and more efficient webmaster - see what they have to offer you for free.), you can skip to the "meat and potatoes" through the hot webmaster inks there on the right. These five areas will cover many of the more important aspects of Google and you'll learn a bunch from each area.

Each will open in a new window so you don't actually leave our site (hey it's the smart thing to do, remember to do the same on your site or blog whenever possible!). We know it's customary to say "a new window for your convenience" however we know you're much smarter then that.

Because the Google search engine's primary goal is to get the person searching for information the most "relevant" information they can... Google wants YOU to be listed in their search engine, it's not a special club, they want you.

If you'd prefer not to visit the Google webmaster section via the links above but would rather get a better feel for the Google Webbmaster training via their series of video's, then click below. Note: There are a total of 9 videos's which run back to back, so watch the ones you'd like, or skip forward - enjoy.



2. Trading links via link trades.

Exchanging links with the webmasters of other sites will benefit you and the webmaster that you trade links with since you'll both be moving traffic between your sites, this is traffic that could have otherwise clicked away from either of your sites into the depths of  the Internet. You can trade links one on one by contacting the webmaster of a similar content site to ask if he or she would like to exchange links. Once it's agreed upon you place a link to the other site and then they link back to you, traffic sharing at its finest, and if you'd like to trade links with us we'd be happy to - it would be good for both of us!

There's been much discussion on "one way links" which is a way to increase your page rank in Google. In this case you're not trading links with another webmaster, you're having your link placed on a web site without a reciprocal link back to them on your site. This can be worked out in different ways... A webmaster finds your site of interest to his visitors and places a link to it, you write an article and the link in the article points to your site, or you make a post to some of the thousands of blogs out there. There are many other ways to get your link out there such as through social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and others.

As you continue to trade links with other web sites your traffic will gradually increase especially if you sprinkle in some one way links along the way. As your site gains popularity and increased visitors you can also be assured that webmasters will begin to email you requesting link trades. So... one way links are more valuable to you then reciprocal links, however even reciprocal links with other web sites are better then no links at all.

3. Tap into the Power of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing allows you to spread the word about your company and product without any costs or if ever anything very low costs only. This is a marketing method that can be quite sneaky sometimes but it does work well. You can include your web site URL on a funny video (uh-hem, YouTube), to an entertaining flash game, at the bottom of an interesting article or a gossip or buzz, or even an interesting quote, or even a unique, beautiful or funny picture. For the most part people want to share the love and pass these things on to their friends, family members and even people at work. Something else that's also good to do is to create a page on your web site that has something unique like what I received in the mail months ago. It's called Bubble Girl (rated a low R) - notice that there's an "Email this to a friend" button below the flash animation... smart, combined with an advertiser banner at the top and at the bottom of the page, this is the kind of viral marketing ideas you need to come up with too.

Before I forget... as far as that "email to a friend button" we just talked about, it's actually an old school viral marketing method (the only option being the sending out of an email) however in this case as long as it's spreading the word and creating free traffic that's perfectly fine.

With the popularity explosion of social networking sites there have been many other ways to go viral. Something we've started to use over the last couple of years are third party "widgets". This is where the majority of the working code is hosted on the widget companies server yet you receive the benefit of using the widget on your web site.

An example is the "Lokerz Share" widget which we use on our home page [preview]. This nice little widget makes it very easy for your visitors to save your web site URL to their favorites, email it to a friend, or add/save it to their favorite social network. It's also fully customizable so you can easily match it up nicely to your sites theme and colors.

The best part is that Lokerz Share is 100% free, in fact it's so free that you don't even have to create an account, or login, or even (drum roll please) hand over your email address. You can get the free Lokerz Share here.

Another free widget is the green box on the right. It's from an online marketing company called "Pay Dot Com". They serve as the go-between similar to an affiliate management company. Most of their advertisers sell items that are zero inventory products and easy to get to the customer such as software, training courses and e-books. Pay Dot Com also provides the required marketing tools so you can better sell the products and services through your web site. It's also free to join, and we're also an affiliate with them. You can get the free Pay Dot Com widget code here.

You can choose your product category (we chose marketing for this one), and each can be customized to fit the colors of your web site. Your commissions are up to 80% of the selling price. Yea, this is sounding like a sell so we're going to let this rest and move on...

4. Offer your visitors a newsletter

Offering your visitors a monthly newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your visitors coming back to your site as you entertain them with your newsletter. I mention a "monthly" newsletter, however you can send it out to your subscribers once every two weeks as long as you realize that some people will not want a newsletter that often. Nothing against you, it's just that some people already have subscriptions to other newsletters and can only read so many in one sitting, or... they receive so much other mail (and spam) that a newsletter that shows up too often might feel more like "spam" to them.

So what the heck do you talk about in your newsletter? What your targeted audience wants to hear about, subjects similar to what your site content is about, that's what. I used a pet site as an example in the article writing section, so lets stick with that type of a site for our example here. Your "pet" newsletter in this caters to a large diverse pet audience, so your newsletter will need to appeal to most of the types of pets that they have.

You'll know that the majority are dog and cat owners because you did your research so you'd want to talked about both dogs "and" cats in each issue, maybe include reptiles, birds etc,. once in a while along with your standard dog and cat information. You'll want to include other tidbits of information that your audience wouldn't likely read about unless they searched for it such as a funny pet story, funny pet picture, pet facts and figures, hints about pet care, pet psychology information, your new pet picture contest, your free pet e-book, favorite pet site links, this months pet "best deal" (possibly an affiliate link of yours), and any updates to your web site, new article posted to your site etc. Whatever you do just make it's interesting, make it the kind of newsletter that YOU would like to receive as a pet owner.

We recommend you include a short statement on the bottom of your newsletter and ask your subscribers what you can do to improve the newsletter for them, what do they want to know more about, what they like or dislike about the newsletter. You'd be surprised at how many people will email you and tell YOU exactly how you can make your newsletter even better for them. Maybe the top header graphic you're using in your newsletter is too large and it messes up the experience for someone that accesses your newsletter from their cell phone, possibly your free pet care e-book is far too heavy on cat information (because you're a cat lover?) and needs more information on dogs, or who knows your newsletter could be too short, or even too long. The point here is to ask your subscribers what they really want... and then by golly give it to them!

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