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  Lotto Magic Team Webmaster - Whitney!   Hi my name is Whitney. My site is the Lotto Magic Team which is a "team" site. I've been a member of Florida Lotto Magic since 2005 & love it!  

Visit Whitney's web site today!

Lotto Magic Team - Pool your money with other lotto players then share the winnings. We play both the Florida & Powerball lotteries!
Our team site was designed to benefit those that join the Florida Lotto Magic lottery pool. It's designed so anyone that joins Lotto Magic does so "under" a team member that joined before them, this ensures everyone receives helpful help.
One of the interesting facts about Lotto Magic it that it's the only successful Lottery pool/network marketing company to have been around this long, since 1996 which is a long time. The important part about the team site is that it's designed for the benefit of the members since when anyone new to the company joins - they are joining a current member through the automated team URL rotator. My job as team leader is to generate targeted visitors from the search engines, over the years it has worked great!

Lotto Magic Team, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. How did you get involved in your particular "niche" for your chosen online business.
 Oonline business owner and Webmaster success story answer. I joined Lotto Magic in 2005 and was just a regular member like everyone else and I did what others in the company were doing which was market Lotto Magic mainly offline through the company's direct mail and postcard lead system. My online marketing was accomplished through the company provided marketing site. They gave me a main marketing site (free) and I also used two available but smaller "lead capture" type of mini sites. Eventually I started getting more involved online, I learned about web site building and over a period of time designed and launched the Lotto Magic Team website, that was back in 2007. The site provides information on everything Lotto magic related however its main purpose is actually to help those on the team build their down line and business. I've been involved in MLM long enough now to know that when I'm building their team I'm also building mine, so helping them to success (making money) was the smart thing to do if I wanted to reduce attrition (drop-outs) and ensure long  term success for all those involved. I provide an automated traffic generating and URL redirecting system. My team benefits from the traffic I generate to their Lotto Magic marketing sites while I maintain the site and work on SEO to generate additional targeted traffic. As far as the paid advertising part of our team marketing plan I don't ask for or accept money from the team members, I pay for it from my own pocket.

Lotto Magic Team, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. What is your favorite part or what do you like best about running your own online business?
 Lotto Magic Team, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. The best part for me is that our team site has been on the Internet for many years now and we're linked to from many other web sites. Over the years we've also been picked up by all the major search engines and even many of the small ones that we never even knew existed. So that combined with our paid advertising keeps us out there and growing, that's definitely my favorite part. If I was going to choose a close second favorite, it would be that the automated URL rotator we designed for the team members works flawlessly. The URL rotator is designed so that when a visitor clicks on any of the team website "join" buttons or text links they're sent to a randomly chosen team members Lotto Magic marketing site where they can easily join that team member.  This system saves me time so I can focus on other team related projects. The best thing for me about running my own online business is that it's fun, I really do enjoy the webmaster and marketing end of it all. Updating the site, adding to it, and looking for additional and new ways to generate traffic. When I saw your Success stories I knew I wanted to apply for it to get the word out to others that they can be a success online too. I also hoped people would have a better understanding about what we do at the Lotto Magic Team web site and how it helps those on the team. Of course I also wanted to generate more visitors to the team website - I can't help myself, it's what I do!

Lotto Magic Team, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. What is your biggest challenge as a webmaster & site owner and how do you overcome it?
 Lotto Magic Team, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. I don't have any big challenges now except the one that I believe everyone in Lotto Magic and any other home income program or site has... quality targeted traffic! My challenges took place in the beginning when I was trying to figure out how to help the team members. I knew it didn't do them any good to have a Lotto Magic marketing site but then no visitors or not very many.  So the big challenge for me was making sure I covered all details about the program, gave the visitors plenty of places to click the team "join" button and then I provided custom marketing materials that people couldn't get from any other site. Since I originally started out marketing offline I had already designed personalized sales letters, custom postcards, Lotto Magic marketing hint & tip sheets and other materials that I used. I took these and modified them which took some work but in the end the team members could use them for free so it helped them. I also give away 2 lottery information e-books at the site which generates free viral traffic to the team site and this was a challenge because I never worked with PDF's before, but through an e-book writing program and later e-book cover creator software that I bought it made it easier but that was my first try and I have more lottery type of e-books I'd like to write.

Lotto Magic Team, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. If you had to do it all over again, what is the one thing you would change if you could?
 Lotto Magic Team, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. I think I would have started my site earlier then when I did. After I joined I floated along online doing what all the other marketers were doing and then I finally put my site together a couple years later. I don't think I would have been ready to build a website right after I joined since my MLM marketing was mainly through the postal mail, sales letters, paper member sign-up forms and that type of old school direct mail marketing. Once I got the idea in my head to build a team site I checked out what was possible online, taught myself through hours of self study and practice (trial and error) and I eventually decided to go for it, maybe a little late but I did it anyways. If I could turn back the clock I would have jumped into online marketing much sooner for sure.

Lotto Magic Team, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. What would you tell a person reading this about starting their own online business?
 Lotto Magic Team, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. Patience, that's all I can say. My biggest fear at the start was me spending hundreds of hours creating a site and then nobody show up, how bad would that be! But over time it does come together; search engines find you, other sites link to you, you link with other sites, visitors start to show and then and it's all downhill from there, but you gotta have patience! So I say if you're thinking about doing it then just do it and stop thinking about it. I thought about it to too long (lack of confidence) but I'm glad I finally did it and put the site together. What's amazing to me is that as I type this there are visitors at the site surfing around right now so it's almost like having a shop downtown, people are coming in and browsing around and I'm not even there at the shop - I really love the Internet now.


What is the Lotto Magic Team up to now for it's team members?

Along with the standard offline and online team advertising & marketing methods available to us we also manage other Lotto Magic related team sites which are designed specifically to "funnel" traffic to our member's sites, free to them of course. Some examples are Lotto Magic News, Team Free Lotto Magic & Lotto Magic Video's. Because we have a long-term vision for the team we also have other team sites in the works to capture even more "lotto pool" related visitors. This is so the team marketing momentum is consistent and team growth occurs for many years to come and far into the future.

Thank you for visiting this online webmaster success story interview - we appreciate it! To learn more about how YOU can earn through free affiliate programs and affliiate marketing, be sure to visit our Affiliates for Beginners page!We hope you gained some insight into what it's like to run your own online business. We appreciate the time Whitney took for our Success Story interview and have asked her to provide some great links for you - be sure to check them out today!   David & Margie

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