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  People Ferret Webmaster - Richard!   Richard is the name, investigative research is my game! I've been a researcher all my life so it was natural for me to run a website with a similar theme.  

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People Ferret - Where you can locate friends, family and even long lost loves. You can also do free public record checks and much more!
People Ferret isn't one of those sites where you pay to get background information on other people or where you pay to do people searches. It's more of a descriptive categorized link directory with listings of other useful people search related sites.
Besides the standard people search resources which the site is most well known for, I added an in depth government records and research area. Many of these government sites whether federal or state are available to everyone, again it's a matter of knowing where they are and that's where I come in. Most people do not realize that places such as their local county tax collector has all kinds of information on them that's freely available to the general public, no cost, no sign-up, it's almost scary. If you're neighbor wanted, they could see what you paid for your house, who you bought it from, see the square footage and room divisions, a photo of it, the square feet of your property, its legal boundaries, what improvements you made to your property, what your tax bill is, when they are due and even if you've paid them or are past due! That college friend of yours that told you at your high school reunion that he is the "positive cash flow real estate king" in his city? Well.. check him out to see what he owns, where, and how much rent he's actually charging.

People Ferret, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. How did you get involved in your particular "niche" for your chosen online business.
 People Ferret, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. In my first career I worked in the intelligence gathering and research field. Working at the American Embassy in Cairo Egypt was the most exciting place of all during those years. It's where I had the opportunity to refine my online search skills. It was during this same time that I flew back to the states to go to my high school reunion and where the jock of all jocks back in my high school days bragged that he was a real estate tycoon in his city and was buying up real estate all over town and creating his wealth through rental properties, he touted "positive cash flow" with every other word. I am a "geek" always have been always will be. With my research background I couldn't help digging around online to see if it was true, exaggerated or pure fiction. What I found out was that he lived in a small 1050 s.f. house and owned two mobile homes in town. When I researched rental rates it showed he made roughly $400 a month in "positive cash flow". I wasn't amazed that the information was online, I had found similar free "public domain" related information online when I worked for the government, I was however surprised that he wasn't smart enough to know that this information was available out there on him. I put People Ferret together to alert the world that they can find out just about anything on anybody.

People Ferret, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. What is your favorite part or what do you like best about running your own online business?
 People Ferret, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. It's exciting to me when I locate a little nugget of information that most people do not know even exists. To me it's almost like a treasure hunt where I choose an area to research and find something unexpected. Recently I've been to sites where a people are trying to locate other people and I find it challenging to see what information I can dig up, then I'll post it in the People Ferret results area or as a special report if too big to email. My most recent special research project was for a person that ordered kitchen cabinets from a place called Cabinets Direct RTA ( and after paying for their cabinets they could not get a return phone call and their emails were ignored months after paying for their order. For more you can read about the Cabinets Direct RTA owner Frank Lamark at my site. I don't charge people for the research and I'm not trying to be the worlds people finder hero, I simply like to see if I can do it with the free public domain and the free government resources that are available to anyone if they know where to go. My reward is the personal challenge to myself, plus when I do free research for someone and receive a simple "thank you" from them, well that's just a little more gravy.

People Ferret, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. What is your biggest challenge as a webmaster & site owner and how do you overcome it?
 People Ferret, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. My biggest webmaster challenge is stopping myself at some point during the initial research stage to take a break. By that I mean there are times when I am so into finding "the answer" that I stay online longer then I should even though finding what I'm searching for then makes not stopping just not matter to me any more. You can remove this part if you must, however there are times where I almost wish my computer chair was a functioning toilet, wish I had a food dispenser next to my monitor, and I had a big container of sweet tea mounted from the ceiling with a drinking tube and on/off switch. This way I could dig into any research project with complete abandon and not be slowed down by bathroom visits or this whole eating drinking requirement. My challenge isn't in being a webmaster or any of the technical issues others might be grappling with, my challenge is with myself and personal time management.

People Ferret, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. If you had to do it all over again, what is the one thing you would change if you could?
 People Ferret, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. Errrrr, redo my home office for additional plumbing items, just kidding of course. I think I would have spent less money for the People Search video that was professionally done by a visual media production company. It was actually my biggest investment into my site to date. I built the site from scratch using WYSIWYG combined with hand coding wherever needed, but the video I couldn't do on my own so I outsourced it. I like the video and like what they did however if I had did my research I could have actually had real "human" actors in it, blue screen graphics and a more professional feel. For now I paid for it and by golly people are going to need to view it for a few more years for me to get my investment back. At a future date I will invest in a new movie to replace the one I had made. Eventually I'd like to have others made so I can post them to You Tube and track into the traffic generated through that kind of viral medium.

People Ferret, - Webmaster and online business owner success story question. What would you tell a person reading this about starting their own online business?
 People Ferret, - Online business owner and Webmaster success story answer. Learn all you can about being a webmaster and all the things that come along with it and when you're ready then incorporate affiliate programs, traffic generation and those kinds of things similar to what David and Margie talk about at their website. I would also recommend that you research companies that you decide to outsource any work to so you get the best price and the best end product that you deserve, plus with research you'll avoid any type of consumer fraud. If I can recommend a site I'd recommend a site called Guru where you can locate freelance professionals to do the work that you cannot do or they'll do any work that you do not want to do. Nothing happens overnight out here so take it slow, learn, experiment and simply adjust your plan as you go!

Thank you for visiting this online webmaster success story interview - we appreciate it! To learn more about how YOU can earn through free affiliate programs and affliiate marketing, be sure to visit our Affiliates for Beginners page!We hope you gained some insight into what it's like to run your own online business. We appreciate the time Richard took for our Success Story interview and have asked him to provide some great links for you - be sure to check them out today!   David & Margie

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