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Getting your site added to the Success Story interview area of Affiliate Company List has some great direct benefits for you, your site and your online business. You will receive freeHow to become a successful webmaster success stories instructions, how to get interviewed and placed in the Webmaster Success Stories area! traffic from us, increase your search engine rankings, brand your site & name, plus you'll show our visitors that they can also be successful running their own online business and earn an income full or part time too! Also be sure to follow all listing instructions 100% and as exactly as written for your site to be listed.

Because of top menu space restrictions only a small selection of sites are spotlighted at any given time. You understanding and following all of the instructions below is critical. Either your submission is correct and your site is listed or it is not correct and it is not listed. Please note the below site restrictions and requirements.

If you'd prefer to just trade links with us then please visit our Link Partners Page.  Thanks, David  :-)
Site restrictions, sites we cannot list that:
  • Link to adult content
  • Contain adult content
  • Warez, hacker, MP3, and pirated sites
  • Promote any type of illegal activity
  • Promote bulk email software or spamming
  • With content that may be damaging to our servers.
  • Are not 100% completed (under construction)
  • Are one page affiliate or click bank sales pages
  • Are designed as purely Adsense sites
Requirements, you must:
  • Own the domain name you submit to us for your Success Story
  • Send us your information via an email address from your domain name (no gmail etc.)

How to get added to teh Affiliate Programs List success series of webmaster interviews.

Send us an email (webmaster at this domain name) and include information for the four main blocks of information at the top of the Success Story page. Also send us the answers to the 5 questions below and lastly be sure to include the URL of your website or blog.

Block Locations Example
Webmaster information required in the first interview success story information block.  First block: A short introduction of yourself to the readers.
Webmaster information required in the second interview success story information block.  Second block: Short blurb about your site. Will be in bold and will include a link to your site.
Webmaster information required in the third interview success story information block.  Third block: Additional information about anything else that your site provides visitors.
Webmaster information required in the fourth interview success story information block.  Fourth block: Detailed information about your site or information that ties into your answers
Affiliate programs and webmaster interview question number one. How did you get involved in your particular "niche" for your chosen online business.
Affiliate programs and webmaster interview question number two. What is your favorite part or what do you like best about running your own online business?
Affiliate programs and webmaster interview question number three. What is your biggest challenge as a webmaster & site owner and how do you overcome it?
Affiliate programs and webmaster interview question number four. If you had to do it all over again, what is the one thing you would change if you could?
Affiliate programs and webmaster interview question number five. What would you tell a person reading this about starting their own online business?

If your site is approved for inclusion, we will email you back so you can send us 3 links:

1. A link to the photo you'd like to use, or "embed" it into your email, for the left side of your interview page. This photo will be hosted on our server, however you can change it later with a quick email to us.
2. A link to the php (preferred) or html (optional) redirect file on your server that takes the visitor to your "Recommend Hot Resource".
3. A link to the php (preferred) or html (optional) redirect file on your server that takes the visitor to your "Selected Freebie".
The php "or" html redirect files are controlled by and kept on YOUR server. The links that send visitors to these two files are located at the bottom of each Success Story page in the green boxed area. Using redirect files on your server gives you control of where the visitor goes and allows you to update where they go at any time in the future.

You can learn how to make and use the php "or" html redirect files and learn what to do with them afterwards fast and easy.

Once your page is assembled and live online, we will email you a link to it, then you send us:

The location on your site where you have linked to the home page of Affiliate Company List or the location(s) on your site where you have linked to a minimum of "any" two (2) of the other webmasters listed in the Success Story series.

All complete!  You and your website are now listed here for life!

It might seem like a complicated process, however it really just comes down to you answering the 5 interview questions, sending us your photo and php or html redirect page locations, and finally linking to either us or two other Success Story websites. The end result for you is a permanent page about you and your website that will increase your traffic and search engines ratings, and for us we receive the benefit of being able to provide unique and quality content for our visitors.
With the time and effort invested on both our parts you must agree to this being permanent, however you can request your page be deleted from the Success Stories area and from our server at any time.  Likewise if the reciprocal links to us "or" to your chosen two webmasters are found missing from your site through a back link check, we will remove your listing from Affiliate Company List without notification. It's only fair to all involved in the Success Stories that we each "do the right thing" so that all benefit!

Thank you for taking our successful webmaster interview - For glossary terms, please be sure to visot our free online glossary of affiliate terms!Thank you for taking the time to learn about how to get your site listed in our Success Stories series of webmaster interviews. We look forward to working with you today and long in the future to increase your website visitors, search engine page position, sales and your overall online business success! Plus of course it's good for us too, they call that "win-win".

Take care there, David & Margie




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